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Community Involvement

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obg Oregon Brewers Guild
The Oregon Brewers Guild is a non-profit organization with the primary goal of promoting the common interests of the members and the brewing industry in Oregon. Learn more about the guild at their website at
OBC Oregon Brew Crew
The Oregon Brew Crew is Portland Oregon’s oldest and largest home brew club.
FH-Stein F.H. Steinbart Company
One of the oldest Wine & Beer supply houses in the country. Founded in 1918 by Mr. Steinbart as a brewery supply house, they survived the Depression and Prohibition by supplying the home wine and beer market.
Visiting Portland? For visitor and hotel information go to, or call 1-87-PORTLAND (1.877.678.5263).
hopunion HopUnion USA, INC
Hopunion USA supplies hop and hop products to micro-breweries throughout North American and the world.
Located in Boulder, Colorado, is the home of the Association of Brewers.
Under the expert direction of architect/contractor Roy Ettinger, Geometrix: Architecture and Construction is able to orchestrate the building of unique, creative designs that are works of art for 21st Century living.
Beer, sweet beer. Everything you could ever want to know about beer, brewpubs, microbreweries, homebrewing, and the beer industry is here!
abg American Brewers Guild
This site contains professional brewers conversing about real brewer topics like engineering, filtration, sanitation, mash technology, and yeast.
dme_logo DME Brewing Services
DME Brewing Services has supplied over 300 breweries around the world with turnkey brewery systems, ranging in size from 5 Barrel Brewpubs to large scale regional breweries. At DME, the focus is on quality – in equipment, service, and long term customer support.
tilth_logo Oregon Tilth
Oregon Tilth is a world leader in organic certification of food providers from soil to store, and is noted for the integrity of the Oregon Tilth Certified Organic label.
ams_logo The National Organic Program
The National Organic Program is a function of the Agricultural Marketing Service of the USDA.
Mothers Raising Boys Mothers Raising Boys
A mother who documents her child-rearing techniques takes her kids to Laurelwood!
AirportBeerGuide Airport Beer Guide
As a beer aficionado, you may be interested in’s free Airport Beer Guide, a great way to find great beer in many major U.S. airports, including a Laurelwood Brew Pub at Portland International.
PPClogo_CMYK Pacific Pie Co.
Pacific Pie Company makes delicious Australian savory pies, pasties and other Aussie treats. Beyond serving up old Aussie favorites, they are a values based business that works to promote sustainability, community, and the ethical stewardship of animals and the earth in everything we do. And they just happen to use Laurelwood beer in a few of their recipes — yum!
Brett West Photography
All the black and white photography on this website was taken by Brett West- a great friend of the brewery. Check out his work on his website.


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